man experiences labour pains

A company in Bristol claims to be the first in the UK to offer soon-to-be fathers the experience of pregnancy. I was sent to test out the experience with some hilarious results.

emergency services rehearse hovercraft rescues

A two part report featuring a coalition of  emergency services rehearsing a mud rescue on Weston-super-Mare beach front. The Bristol Channel has the second highest highest tidal range in the world, making Weston beach a dangerous place to be stuck in the mud.

what happened at #thebig1 - diabetes uk

This was the first time Diabetes UK got together people aged 16-25 for this sort of event so I decided to take a camera to see how it all went down!

I also wrote a blog post about the experience. Read that here:

live reporting - bristol live

At the beginning of 2018 I was part of the team that launched a new style of broadcasting in Local TV. Termed 'Rolling Localness' this format features short elements with exciting content and has proved popular breakfast viewing.


A selection of items I produced in the build up to the 2018 Great Bristol 10K. I spoke to all sorts of experts, explored different training styles and met runners to hear their reasons for taking part

The Big Daily - Interviews

A selection of fun interviews from 'The Big Daily' a prime time magazine show broadcast on the Made Television Network. Featuring Sky Newsreader Stephen Dixon and Comedian Stephen Bailey 

The great bristol half marathon

I consider this programme one of my greatest achievements. For months I and the Made In Bristol team documented the progress of six runners. The whole experience resulted in a 90 minute live OB. No auto-cue, no scripts just a whole load of energy and fantastic stories! Here is an extended highlight reel of the programme. If you wish to see the individual VT's please follow this link to a playlist

bristol waste editorial feature

For 'The Crunch' I was tasked with producing an editorial feature paid for by Bristol Waste. The feature was intended to increase awareness of the publicly owned waste management company and shed light on what happens to the recyclable material residents leave outside their homes once a week. This project was completed in just two days and was shown as a two part feature within The Crunch. Here it is in full.